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World’s Largest Turban – Indian Man Wears Headgear That Weighs 100 Pounds

Avtar Singh Mauni, from Punjab, India, is the proud owner of the world’s largest turban. The devout Sikh’s enormous headgear consists of no less than 645 meters of fabric, weighing 100 pounds. It took him a staggering 16 years to assemble, and he needs to spend six hours just to put it on. And you thought you had problems getting ready in the morning!

The 60-year-old is rather proud of his unusual, multi-colored turban; he declared that he will continue to wear it until he has no strength left in his limbs to carry it. “I don’t consider it a burden. I’m most happy when I wear it,” he explained.

In fact, Avtar Singh is so used to the turban that he finds it odd when he isn’t wearing it. “On the rare times I don’t have my turban on, I keep getting this feeling of being incomplete, that some part of me is missing,” he said. “I get afraid that I may fall and I keep wondering ‘have I lost something, where is my turban?’”

The 645m creation has taken 16 years to assemble and looks set to smash the existing Guinness World Record of 400m.

It means the 60-year-old holy man is carrying 100lb on his head every day; about the weight of a moped.

Photo: NBT Mumbai/Facebook

Wacth the video:

This Sikhs’s hat is truly, truly amazing. It almost looks like a character in a anime. I’m not saying that disrespectfully, just that it looks very surreal and over-emphasized in design.

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An enormous shrimp that measured 18 inches was found off the coast of Florida. According to Florida Fish and Wildlife, it is likely to be a mantis shrimp. It’s hammer like claw can lash out at speeds of 50 miles an hour.  It is designed to break through the shells of unsuspecting prey. It was caught by fisherman Steve Bargeron, who also noted the powerful strike of its tail which he wisely steered well clear of. (SOURCE)

I’m not really counting this as a for sure, but I’m pretty sure this is a sign of the presence of Cthulhu or some other difficult to spell and pronounce entity.

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