Capitol Style, Hunty

Style in Arkansas's Capitol City

When you need to stop an asteroid, you get Superman. When you need to solve a mystery, you call Batman. But when you need to end a war, you get Wonder Woman.

Gail Simone, Wonder Woman: The Circle


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Holy shit my Aunt is WASTED

I think your aunt just won life

this is the best vine I’ve seen ever

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This is like installing Windows on a Mac.

I will ALWAYS repost this. ALWAYS

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This is my second finished doll for Dragoncon 2014. I call him “The Hunter”. I really wanted to create something massive, and something really eye-grabbing, to serve as my showpiece, using as many different types of crafting possible. He is an Iplehouse EID Luo in light brown skintone, standing at 72cm(for the cm-impaired, he’s about 2.5 feet tall). His hands were modified to hold the guns. The only part of his outfit that I did not make were the boots. His pants have tactical patches, and he has a leather belt with holsters for 2 sidearms, and super tiny little jumpsuit buckles. His shirt is made from two different fabrics, though its hard to tell in the photographs. He has quilted shoulder-armor, also secured by tiny jumpsuit buckles, and custom made D-rings. His torso armor is multi-layered custom-designed leather all with a bird theme, and his forearm armor continues that same theme, breaking the solid black for dashes of grey. The guns are 2-of-a-kind custom resin casts that I sculpted just for this guy, in scale with a larger doll, though the barrels are made from straws so that they are hollow. Their grips are covered in clear, plastic tubing to give the doll a really secure grip on them without risking scratching either the hand or the guns. His necklace is a repurposed bracelet about 20 years old, with a nice patina on the metal. His wings are made from individual craft foam pieces afixed to a wire armature that is fully covered and coated and attaches to a harness that slips behind the doll’s neck and over his shoulders and down his back. They are extremely stable and can be easily re-positioned and bent into many flight and resting shapes. I have put months of work into him, as looking back into my archive will show, so if you are going to Dragoncon, please step into the artshow and take a peek.

I will also be running several panels at Dragoncon that may be of interest.

Friday 1PM in Hanover G - How to Paint BJDs - This will be the face-up panel and there will be a drawing for a free repainted Monster High doll for the attendees.

Sunday 4PM Hanover G- Stringing, Sueding and Eyelashes for BJDs. - This will be hands on, with a discussion before-hand.

Monday 1PM in Hanover G- Pattern Drafting for dolls and custom figures - Interactive, will show basic shapes, ect, for making your own patterns.

Monday 2:30PM in Hanover G- Photographing your collection. This is a general photography panel for ‘things you want to take a picture of’. Its not really about the art of photography, but rather how to take clear, nice pictures so that you can display and show pictures of your dolls that demonstrate how they actually look.

If you aren’t familiar with that room, its the smallish room at the end of the Hanover Hall, which means that based on last year’s attendance for panels, they will be full.

Lastly, you can reblog this post for a chance to win a free BJD face-up, monster high, fashion doll or action figure head repaint.  I will choose the winner on August 20th. You have to pay for the shipping costs, and it is open to anyone from any country. 

Incentive: If this post reaches 1000 notes, I will choose 3 winners instead of 1.

Doll. Panels. Boom.


Sculptures and Paintings by Kim Kei

Kim Kei lives and works in Los Angeles. Her process begins with combining and altering everyday objects and natural debris. These malleable sculptures are photographed in several iterations, which become the foundation for her paintings. Her intricate, improvised compositions exist somewhere between representation and abstraction. Her work is a departure from the figure as a form, yet in its absence the body is implied.

1. Mimesis 6

2. Mimesis 1
3. Mimesis 2

4. Mimesis 3
5. Mimesis 5

6. Mimesis 4

7. Now Afloat, She Unfolds
Watermedia and oil on paper mounted on panel

8. She Knew She Would Unwind
12″ x 18″
watermedia and oil on paper mounted on panel

9. They Let it go, Let it Rise 
Watermedia and oil on paper mounted on panel
16″x 20″

10. Into The Air with Two Ideas 
20″ x 30″
watermedia and oil on paper

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I’m not pointing fingers, or calling anyone out, but I may know a few people like that kid.

I’m not pointing fingers, or calling anyone out, but I may know a few people like that kid.

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Tatiana Kazakova's Floating Worlds

on Behance, Facebook

Tatiana Kazakova is a graphic designer and illustrator based out of Moscow. Her unreal creations combine elements of the mundane with the fantastical, presenting strange images of flying saucers whizzing through ancient Japan, or floating islands of rock and ice sailing through abstract spaces. Most of Kazakova’s work begins as a pencil illustration or collage that is then edited and refined digitally, and the resulting otherworldly depictions are often featured in advertising campaigns, on book covers, and as clothing designs.

Mushroom Penguins

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The Heavy Metal of Marilyn Minter

on Artsy

In visceral and gaudy paintings, photographs, and video works, Marilyn Minter examines the relationship between the body, cultural anxieties about sexuality and desire, and fashion imagery. Minter is best known for glossy, hyperrealistic paintings in enamel on metal that depict closeups of makeup-laden lips, eyes, and feet—a liquid-dripping gold-toothed smile or a pair of glistening high heels splashing in metallic fluid. Strut (2004–5) portrays a muddied foot in a gem-encrusted high heel. Minter also photographs body parts seen through panes of wet glass, captured from characteristically dynamic and provocative angles that suggest the seductive, disturbing nature of glamour.

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